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The Law of Tourism Sports site launches a call for papers open to scholars interested to present their work at the International Workshop “Safety and Liability Rules in European Ski Areas” that will be held at the University of Trento on December 11th-12th, 2015.


Participants from Italy, France, Austria and Poland are already scheduled, so we especially welcome applications from scholars from any other European country (Switzerland included) where the topics of the workshop are likely to raise scholarly interest.


The workshop will provide a first academic venue for canvassing and discussing the legal and economic issues surrounding the pursue of safety in the European ski areas, with an overall focus on how well the rules of civil liability and the regulations enforced by the national courts of the European Member states represented in the workshop score when considered in light of the goal of the optimal distribution of the social costs of ski accidents.


One of the possible goals of the workshop is to assess to what extent existing differences among the Member states, as to the legal rules deployed to increase the safety of ski areas, may affect the competition in the market of winter tourism destinations within the EU, suggesting the feasibility of drafting uniform rules at the European level affecting the level of safety of ski areas and the civil liability of skiers and ski area operators.






Among the general themes and the more specific questions that applicants are invited to address in their papers, answering in light of the respective national experiences but with a comparative slant, are the following:


1) Unsafe skiing and its costs: data on ski accidents and their economic costs.


2) Benefits of skiing: the economics of skiing; returns to the local mountain communities (data and pattern of evolution).


3) Managing a safe ski area: public or private ownership?; institutional paths of management of the ski area; ex ante safety provisions; administrative regulations.


4) Issuing safety: the role of social norms, technical norms, legislation and courts; possible issues entailed by the interplay of local and regional rules with national law.


5) Perceiving safety: cognitive issues; the interplay b/w safer slopes and the skiers’ escape from perceived safety; the booming attraction of wild paths, free ride and extra slope skiing; the “caveat skier” solution and the ski area operator role when skiers gain altitude for free riding buying ski passes; defining the ski paths borders: where the obligation of safety ends?


6) Patrolling safety: the role of new technologies; other tools for preventing risky behaviors on the slopes; the cost of supervising and policing the ski area, and to provide for rescue and emergency services for skiers: public or private approaches?


7) Assessing safety: civil liability for accidents occurring on the slopes; paths of litigation (collisions among skiers; skiers vs. ski area operators), role of contractual obligations; role of extra contractual obligations; evidentiary problems; the role of presumptions; ski accidents and law of consumer protection; jurisdictional and litigation issues in case of collision between skiers of different nationalities; jurisdictional issues (consumer’s forum) in light of the European consumer protection rules when injured skiers/consumers sue ski area operators.


8) Distributing/administering the cost of unsafe skiing: combining insurance models on the snow; first party insurance for skiers; voluntary third party insurance (for skiers and ski area operators); mandatory insurance (for skiers and ski area operators).






Workshop Dates 

December 11th -12th, 2015



Faculty of Law main building, University of Trento, Via Verdi, 53 - Trento - Italy



The workshop is hosted and sponsored by the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento. The Faculty will offer to the panelists a welcome dinner, a lunch and a farewell dinner. The administration will provide to panelists and other participants by October 15, 2015 a list of hotels in Trento at walk distance from the Faculty where accommodations can be booked at special rates. Participants will travel to Trento at their own expenses.



English - French panelists may present in French as long as they prepare slides and abstracts in English to ease the mutual understanding of all attendants.


Deadlines and other facts relevant for submission 


- Applicants should submit to Umberto Izzo ( Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. ) the title of their paper followed by a two pages abstract by September 15th, 2015, also indicating the name of their research institution of affiliation, and will receive notice of acceptance by September 30th, 2015, along with a personal invitation to join the panels of the workshop, and further organizational details on the event.


- Papers will be selected for the workshop according to their degree of originality, scientific completeness and soundness with the topics of research above descripted, by a scientific committee composed by prof. Umberto Izzo (University of Trento), prof. Prof. Christophe Quézel-Ambrunaz (Université de Savoie – Mont-Blanc), and Prof. Alexander Schopper (Universität Innsbruck).


- The final scientific program of the workshop will be published in October 2015.


- Invited panelists should send their final papers provided with footnotes and the list of works cited by November 15th 2015.


- Invited panelists should plan to arrive in Trento on the evening of Thursday, December 10th 2015, and to leave on Saturday, December 12th 2015, after the final morning session that will focus on future research initiatives further exploring the issues discussed at the workshop.


- The papers to be presented could be final or either a work in progress, meaning scholarship that has reached a stage at which it is substantial enough to merit serious discussion and critique but that has not yet appeared in print (and can still be revised after the workshop).


- The papers presented at the workshop will be gathered in a book that will be published in Open Access in 2016 in the peer reviewed book series of the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento (also available in print).


- The workshop objective is not only to provide an opportunity for the discussion of scholarly work, but also to create the opportunity - for legal and economics scholars interested in the legal and economic issues affecting skiing, as an important factor of the market for winter sport tourism destinations -, to get together for two days devoted to nothing but talking, both in the sessions and outside. We hope that this will create synergy that fosters dialogue and transnational cooperation, in view of the possible creation of an international research network among the academic institutions of the participants that could address future research-funding opportunities on the legal and economic issues of ski safety both at the European and at the national levels.


The scientific organizer of the workshop

(Prof. Umberto Izzo)